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New Writers, Making $2,000 On Medium Is Possible (With 2 Incredible Examples)

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If you can make $2, you can make $2,000 too!

As I always tell my students:

It’s all about scaling up your online writing business.

When you can make $2, you can make $2,000 too.

Believe me, I speak from experience.😃

So instead of throwing your laptop out of the window when you only make $2, do your happy dance…

Trust me! This is the beginning of an awesome writing journey on Medium.

Let me share with you two incredible examples:

1 — New Writer Nikhil — 1.5K followers

  • Nikhil Vemu from India joined Medium in March 2022.
  • He became 3x Top Writer.
  • In October 2021, he made $20.
  • In February 2022, he made $2,300.

2 —New Writer Denys — 2.1k Followers

  • Denys Opria – Ukrainian from Ukraine (🙏!prayers!🙏) joined Medium
  • He became 16x Top Writer.
  • In December 2021, he started writing and made $411.
  • In February 2022, he made $2,800.

What do both new writers have in common?

Both write about #Technology topics.

On a regular basis, Nikhil gets curated in #Technology.

He also became a Top Writer in this category.

He writes about:

  • Apple
  • The Apple Watch
  • Safari Extension
  • iOS 15.4 Update

Almost all articles he publishes with the publication Mac o’Clock — The best stories for Apple owners and enthusiasts.

Denys writes about the life of a software developer (job interviews etc.) for the tech publication CodeX.

Experiments and habit building

Moreover, similar to famous YouTuber Matt D'Avella, Denys loves experiments.

For instance, reading 116 books in 365 days, drinking 4l water in 500 days etc.

He publishes these experiments with the publication In Fitness and In Health or ILLUMINATION.

Passive income streams

Plus, Denys writes about passive income (the classic on Medium to earn money) — theoretically, because he doesn’t have his own online business.

For example, my friends and more experienced writers

  • Jenn Leach (9.8K followers) and
  • Abena Talks(6.6K followers) make good money writing about their online businesses and passive income streams in a practical way.

It’s possible, realizable, doable, attainable, achievable!

These examples are proof that anything is possible on Medium and that scaling is done in small, incremental steps.

Nevertheless, this article is not about making $2,000.

I know it’s a very crazy milestone on Medium.

Only 6–8% earn more than $100 on this platform.

Different people have different expectations.

It’s supposed to be an inspiration. A motivation boost.

This article is about showing you what’s realizable if you…

  • do the work that needs to be done
  • write on a consistent basis
  • do it anyway
  • trust the process
  • analyze your stats
  • write more about the topics your audience is interested about

Now it’s your turn. You can scale your business and make more money.

Fingers crossed.

Cheering you on always,

© Kristina God

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