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New Writers, Medium Isn’t A Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme

  • 2 min read

Some tough love for you.

If you hadn’t worked it out already here’s some tough love, new writers:

Writing on Medium isn’t easy.

But as a former Instagram influencer and as a spouse of a YouTuber I can tell you:

No social media platform is easy.

For the huge majority of us, it’s…

  • painful
  • a lot of work
  • for a long time
  • with absolutely no rewards

It took me 10 months and posting 400+ stories to earn $500 per month.

That is months of idea-generating, writing, churning out articles with little to no audience, earning only pennies, and celebrating $1 to $5 articles.

What’s the difference between those you make it and those you don’t?

Patience + consistency + authenticity

With patience, consistency, and authenticity, I guarantee you can be successful on any social media platform.

Don’t give up when it feels painful.

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