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New Writers, Thanks For Coming To Our Birthday Party

  • 2 min read

As canapé, we offer snack-sized creativity to go

It’s our birthday week.

Tom Fenske started this pub one year ago!

We’re glad that several new female writers join our birthday celebration:

Patricia Ross: Patricia is skeptical but not cynical. Inclusive but not indiscriminate.

Old but not done.

Hey, Patricia: It’s never too late to create! I raise my glass to you.

Carmellita: She is a ’Writer, Poet, & Storyteller. Top Writer.’

Ever wondered:

“Where is this going?”

Ask Carmellita.

Klara Jane Holloway: Klara is retired and Medium helps her foster a young mind. She writes about her experiences in life.

Some mundane, some sad, some funny, and hopefully none boring!

Not at all.

Do you want to join our birthday week? Good news. We’re celebrating till the end of 2021.

Here’s your invite:

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