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New Writers, This Is Why You Feel Seen And Heard When You Read My Stories

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There’s a secret.

Let’s set the scene: You’re browsing on Medium and you click on a headline that sounds interesting.

You start to skim the text but then you can’t help but read the whole text. There is so much value.

Yes! You feel seen and heard.

Finally — Someone said what I feel! you think.

There are subconscious nuances in my writing that are speaking to you.

I know (some of) your insecurities, resistance, all those subtle dynamics that make the interaction so interesting.

My secret?

On a constant basis, I talk with new writers about their struggles. In 1:1 coaching sessions and in my Boot Camp I listen, I care and I support others.

Whenever I write a new piece for new writers, I write it for this ONE PERSON. Not for many.

This person is YOU.

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