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New Writers, Welcome To The Shortform

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One of Medium’s fastest-growing publications

Most of you know I’m a co-editor for my favorite pub — The Shortform by Tom Fenske.

And YES. I’m the one who answers your emails and adds you as a writer.

I’ve added around 50+ writers to our pub today.


That’s a long list and I’ll add 100 more this weekend.

That’s why I’ve decided to introduce some of the writers in my own pub Online Writing 101 which allows me to add some more information.😉

Here are 5 amazing new writers who have joined our publication The Shortform

1 — Mark

MarkfromBoston from Boston writes about mental health issues, self-health, story-telling, and the world community.

Here’s one of his pieces I love and that took off (externally) with over 1K views:

PS: My tip, Mark, check out Yana Bostongirl. She’s from Boston too.

2 — Krissy

krissy brady is an ‘unhealthy health writer. hyper hypo. I don’t like to move it move it.’

She got published in HuffPost, Livestrong, Self, Shondaland + more.

I agree on this one:

3 — Dawn

Dawn 🙂 says: ‘I’m here with you, traveling by your side, taking a moment to share what worked for me, and what brought me happiness!’

I love her positive comments, articles and her lessons learned:

Moreover, in her publication The Mindful Minute she offers Mindfulness in bite-sized portions you can even listen to.

PS: Dawn will also be part of my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp for New Writers in February 2022. Learn more and join here. 🤩 🥳

4 — Ema

Ema Fulga is a real copywriter.

On her blog THINKING OUT LOUD, where you can book her, she says:

I don’t write fluff texts, with complex wording that just sound pompous but, in fact, don’t mean much.

I focus more on getting a reaction out of a person.

Her favorite object in the house is her typewriter-keyboard and she calls Barcelona and Milan home.

PS: Ema, you definitely have to share some pictures with us. For instance in the publication SNAPSHOTS or in The Shortform.

5 — CL

CL Huth is an Award-winning author of the Zoe Delante Thriller series, mother, nerd, and the biggest cheerleader you’ll ever have on your side.

Read this story by ‘brainy, opinionated femme fatale’ CL:

A warm welcome to all new 50 new writers!


Do you want to write for The Shortform? 🤩 🥳

Please follow my lead and read this article first:

and please send me your MEDIUM HANDLE — Meaning: @kristinagod

👉 Thanks for making my words part of your day! Leave a comment below or write me an email at if you have any questions.

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