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New Writers, Why It’s Smart To Republish Your Content On Skillshare

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You could make $475,000 in passive income

As you may know, I have an online course series running for new writers where I share online courses to level up their success on Medium.

My latest article is trending at the moment.

I will continue with my series but already wanted to share one interesting insight with you today that will open up your eyes for a new opportunity:

Have you ever considered joining or even hosting your own course on Skillshare — the ‘Netflix of the creative space’?

I wish more people knew about the opportunities that are out there and believed it is possible for them as well to generate an extra income online.

New writer Marouane Bembli who earned $43,086 passive income with Skillshare within 5 years

Here’s how you can make money on Skillshare

Instructors on Skillshare…

  • earn revenue through royalty payments and premium referrals.
  • make money for every minute watched by Premium students in their classes — you get paid between $0.05 and $.10 per minute watched.
  • and for every Premium Member you bring through a referral link you earn $10.

Ali Abdaal makes $475,700

Do you know famous YouTuber (2.3M subscribers) and podcaster Ali Abdaal?

I love him. He’s a real edutainer.

He educates and entertains others on how to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

Here’s a quick glance at his YouTube channel:

screenshot of Ali’s YouTube channel

Moreover, he is an instructor on Skillshare and has seven courses.

He has more than 100,000 students watching his classes and earned $475,700 in 2020.

screenshot of Skillshare homepage

Ali diversified his online income streams over the years.

From 2017 to 2020, Ali Abdaal built a 7-figure online business from scratch.

In 2017 he also tried blogging on Medium but then quit after a few months.

screenshot Ali Abdaal’s Medium profile

He experimented a lot on YouTube, published more than 300 videos while completing his full-time medical studies at Cambridge.

His secret sauce: He went from a niche audience (Cambridge students) to a broader audience (students in general) by focusing on the group of people he can truly help with his skills.

On Skillshare Ali repurposes his already created YouTube content in bite-sized mini-course form with:

… and made $475,700 in 2020.

What you can learn from Ali Abdaal

Focus on the single most important metric:

Value creation for your audience.

  • What do you know that can help others grow?
  • What have you done with ease that other people are struggling to achieve?
  • What topic do you consider yourself an expert in?

If you have already published content on Medium, Newsbreak, Simily, Vocal, your own blog, or an ebook you wrote, then you ‘have a treasure full of endless opportunities to make passive income#, as new writer and Skillshare expert Nora states.

The key to success is to use the approach of repurposing your content into other digital products — including (mini) online courses.

This is a great opportunity to diversify your income streams.

To kickstart your digital online course, Skillshare expert Nora suggests following this roadmap which opened up my eyes to how you can use it yourself to generate an extra income:

#1 Create a spreadsheet of all your content that you created, with a field for title and topic/category.

#2 Filter out each topic and see how many articles you have on each topic.

#3 Decide on a topic of your courses, such as entrepreneurship, productivity, or lifestyle.

#4 Check that the topics meet Skillshare’s requirements; in-depth, helpful, and free from promoting programs and other websites.

#5 Research the Skillshare platform; (…) get an idea of the top courses in your niche, their duration, and the way they are presented, such as an in-person, presentation, or a combination of both.

#6 Read the Teacher handbook to learn how you can build a great class. Familiarise yourself with the class guidelines.

#7 Apply to the ‘Teach Challenge’ if you want to start your class and enter into the competition to get your class featured.

#8 Publish your course.

#9 Promote your course on Medium and Co. and grow your audience by sending out announcements and inviting them to join your course.

Here’s more:

8 reasons why it’s smart to repurpose your content on Skillshare

It’s smart because…

  • #1 it has a large built-in audience of 5M users
  • #2 it offers a great opportunity to utilize your content
  • #3 Skillshare has over 8,000+ teachers within its community.
  • #4 1-month free trial
  • #5 you can create engaging & bitesize video lessons
  • #6 let people ask questions
  • #7 35,000+ classes on a wide variety of subjects
  • #8 focuses on classes for creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

Hint: Remeber, you can make a short class:

Divide the class into 10 videos, each videos only has to be about 2–3 minutes long. Marouane Bembli

Final Takeaways

Computer vector created by pikisuperstar

You only have to be one step ahead of the majority of the population in a subject in order to teach it.

Consider hosting your own course on Skillshare in 2022 based on the content you’ve already created and/or the expertise you have.

Remember to focus on creating value for your audience.

Skillshare is the ‘Netflix of the creative space’ is therefore perfect for content creators.

New writer Eduard Sebastian who has a bachelor's degree in psychology for instance says:

I thought about making a course but I didn’t consider Skillshare as an option.

I would make a course about mindset change.

UPDATE: ***👉Click here to get 1 month of free trial!👈***

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