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New Writers, Why You Need An Accountability Buddy In 2022

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It’s the #1 system for effortless consistency.

Are you super-pumped being on this platform or…

are you already on the verge of dropping writing on Medium after a short while because you don’t see the results you expected?

Well, I can help you.

I’m a marketer, a mom, a spouse, and a part-time Medium writer.

Within the last past 16 months on this platform, I’ve gained over 20 Top Writer badges and have grown my earnings from zero to thousands of dollars — $$$$.

My secret?

Consistency and discipline.


No! Accountability is not a solitary journey that is best taken alone.

If you want to master the game of online writing consistency and discipline are everything.

You don’t want to be depending on your fickle motivation to succeed, do you?

To make sure that you don’t let yourself slack because you don’t see the results you expected here’s…

The #1 System To Effortless Consistency On Medium

In my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp (sorry fully booked but please sign up for my newsletter), I’ve been teaching my students from all around the world how they can get fantastic results with writing online and on Medium too.

They learn how important it is to keep the writing hula hoop spinning.

To build momentum.

And I know it’s so easy to just drop the hula hoop, to procrastinate, and stop writing…

So here’s the #1 System for Effortless Consistency:

One thing that’s stronger than the desire to procrastinate may just be the embarrassment of not sticking to a promised schedule.

My Boot Camp is a cohort-based online course — meaning my students (for instance Kylie van Gelder Charlie Garrett Jeanine Tew Candice Zakariya Drashti Shroff James J. Griffin Kevin Hicks, Kacy Singh as well as Marilyn Glover, editor of New Writers Welcome) are part of a supportive community of like-minded writers.

Get a glimpse of our gem — the Boot Camp Community here:

During the course, which will start this Friday, I’ll find an accountability partner for everyone.

The writing buddies can help each other in a safe and comfortable environment.

You can think of an accountability partner as a person who understands your journey and is ready to help you achieve your goals.

What makes accountability buddies so powerful?

Photo by Zen Chung:

During Cohort 2, I connected for instance Melissa Marietta and Mercedes O'Leary, who share the same values.

Both are ambitious moms who are doing a magnificent job and want more from life by writing online.

Their goal:

  • to spark a conversation
  • to get published outside of Medium
  • to share their life lessons and wisdom

As Mercedes stated:

Before the Boot Camp, writers on Medium felt 2-D to me.

(It) helped me see the other writers on Medium in a more REAL way.

The 3 Key Benefits of an Accountability Buddy are:

1 — 💪They keep you motivated. They help you overcome negative thoughts, resistance, and imposter syndrome. They help keep your energies up and your willpower strong. This allows you to put your total energy toward achieving your goals in 2022.

2 —💑 They provide support and give valuable feedback. They can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in regard to writing, your headlines, and the topics you chose.

3 — 🚀You push the limits together. Yes, the sky is the limit. You just need someone who believes 51% in you and makes you feel the same. You just need that 1% more self-belief to be successful (in life).

The good news is: You don’t have to be part of my cohort to find an accountability buddy that will help you stay on track.

My top 3 Tips to find the Right Person and a Good Accountability Partner on Medium:

You must be careful about who you select as your accountability partner.

The right person can make a big difference, while the wrong person can greatly hinder your progress.

  1. 🤝Shared Values: It’s not about writing about the exact same topics. It’s more about sharing the same values. Values are key in life. So when you read a text of someone on Medium you can relate to and feel attracted to you could ask him or her to become your accountability buddy.
  2. 💏Not Too Close: Find someone you’re not too close with. If you want to be successful on Medium you have to dare to feel uncomfortable. Meaning for instance picking someone from another country. Maybe even a non-native speaker (like me).
  3. 💁🏼‍♀️Two-Way Street: Find someone who also wants to be held accountable for something. It’s a two-way street after all. You could write an article: Wanted! Accountability Buddy Needed and ask your followers and readers whether they want to help you and also need your help.

🤑 Extra Special Tip

Extra Special Tip

Yes, you can put money on the line. 🤑

That’s what I did in the past to hold my husband accountable.

He promised to give me an amount of x if he didn’t film a video for YouTube by a specific date.

And yes! He really did it and grew his YouTube channel from 1,000 to 10,000+ subscribers within one year.

I wrote 650+ articles within 16 months on Medium.

Hint: You really need to be willing to make that promise. It doesn’t have to be money. It can also be something else.

Final Takeaways — You need a buddy!

Accountability is not a solitary journey that is best taken alone.

Sharing your journey with an accountability buddy can enrich your writing experience on Medium.

It’s the #1 system for effortless consistency.

Please let me know if you have a writing buddy or are looking for someone?

© Kristina God

As always, thanks for making my words part of your day!

I love to help new writers on Medium.

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