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New Writers, You Can Rank On Page One On Medium (With Examples)

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Medium is undergoing a lot of changes. This is a mind-blowing one for new writers.

As some of you may know, I love to keep my friends, followers, and the community on Medium up to date about Medium’s latest changes, bugs, new incredible features, and its future.

When I woke up this morning, I wanted to read an article by one of my coachees but I got this notification:

Wait, what? I’m a paying member. How can this happen?

Well, I guess, Medium wanted me to log in one more time to refresh my page to maybe activate some updates.

The moment I had to log in again I saw Medium’s new start page. Let’s call it Medium’s sales page or the gateway to millions of incredible stories on Medium.

Immediately I noticed something has changed.

Whereas in the past, Medium highlighted top writers, now they let users see the trending stories on Medium and discover topics.

And what I saw on page one is mind-blowing for new writers.

New writers are afraid to share their voices and not get read.

When people start writing on Medium they are afraid.

  • They don’t know how to format an article
  • They don’t know how to submit an article to a publication or get added.

But there is more.

On the one hand, they are afraid to share their voice.

On the other hand, they are afraid to not get seen, heard, and read.

Well, new writers, I have incredible news for you today.

Your chances have never been better!

Here’s the proof.

Medium’s new homepage

You may know Medium’s sales page or start page:

This is the place where Medium converts users into paying members.

Since I’m a marketer, I love to analyze sales pages so much.

Okay, so here’s the thing.

Check out this updated homepage:

You may be wondering:

What does Kristina want to show me here? I don’t know all those writers…

YES! There is no Tim Denning, no whoever.

Do you know who rules the trending topics on Medium?

Let’s dive right in.

New Writers on Page One

The moment you click on the different writers whose articles are trending at the moment, you’ll realize…. most of them are new writers!

Let’s start with…

Former Google employee Alex

Sociologist Alex Hanna’s piece about Google which apparently continues to internally push out people stands out from the crowd.

You have to read this.

It starts with:

Today (Wednesday, February 2, 2022) is my last day at Google.

Alex is a paying Medium member with 200 followers. She is an ‘Arab-American trans lady’.

The DevOps Guy

How I reversed a NodeJS malware and found the author in ITNEXT—this reads like a thriller for software developers such as my husband.

Here is the new writer with 90 followers:

Tik Tok star Sienna

There is for instance new writer (non-paying Medium Member) and Tik Tok star Sienna Mae Gomez.

Her incredible article in which she shared her transformational journey has 17K claps.

Here’s Sienna on Tik Tok with 14K followers:

Software Developer, Father & Podcaster Alex

Another one is from programmer Alex Chesser (non-paying Medium Member) and owner of the podcast LGTM: Shipit! (last interview May 2021).

He gives incredible career advice from the perspective of a team lead.

Final Takeaways

There’s never been a better time for a new writer to get on page one on Medium.

You have an opinion. You have a voice.

Overcome your fear and share your story with the community on Medium.

PS: To increase your chances of getting featured by Medium use the tag #HelloWorld when you hit publish for the first time.

© Kristina God — Top Writer and Medium Coach

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