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New Writers, Your Audience On Medium Is Just Rented

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I tell it like it is.

The power of writing on Medium is that it gives your content wings and helps it travel.

Additionally, Medium’s algorithm connects you with people around the world.

Nevertheless, the harsh truth is… you’re at the mercy of Medium’s algorithm.

You need to be aware that at any time the algorithm could change.

The only constant on Medium is change.

Within the last past 17 months on Medium, I’ve experienced a lot of algorithm changes. None was for the better.

So, you need to know that you build a rented audience on Medium.

That’s why you need to also build an owned audience.

Medium helps you with this.

You can ask people to become your subscriber.

This way people share their names and email addresses with you.

You can grow your email list which you own.

Trust me, with this plan, you feel more confident when the algorithm changes, and your views, and reads are down.

Your list is the most powerful asset of your business.

The good news: to grow it you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

You can grow it in the background alongside your writing on Medium.

I grew my list from the ground to almost 1,000 subscribers in 17 months.

My top 3 tips for writing on Medium and growing your list:

#1 — Call to action

Call to action

Ask people to become your subscribers on Medium at the bottom of your stories.

👏Here’s an example:

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#2 — Email


Offer people to contact you and then ask them to join your list.

👏Here’s an example:

In my bio on the right side of my profile, I share my business email address:

#3 — Lead magnet

Lead magnet

It’s a valuable piece of content that you give away for free.

In exchange, you want your audience’s name and email addresses to grow your list.

A lead magnet is…

  • something your audience wants
  • they can get a mini transformation from
  • a quick win to gain momentum
  • something you could charge for but you don’t

Create a freebie in exchange for an email and promote it on your social.

👏Here’s an example:

My Social Media Content Planner

Final Takeaways


You don’t need to be at the mercy of the algorithm anymore if you understand this simple idea:

  • Your audience on Medium is just rented.
  • You need to build an owned audience by growing your email list.
  • Medium is the perfect gateway to building an owned audience.

Trust me, list building is the way to go.

You will feel more confident when Medium’s algorithm will change again soon.

© Kristina God

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