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No Fiddling With Taking Notes Anymore! This AI Tool Takes Notes For You

  • 1 min read

Boy, these students have it good these days!

There‘s AI for almost everything.

I love education use cases the most.

A few days ago, I shared the tool StudyFetch with you.

Today I found another productivity tool called RemNote.

It’s like having a superpower in your pocket that’s taking notes live during a lecture or meeting.

It’s a centralized note-taking AI.

Taking notes can be part of the learning process but it can also be distracting when you want to engage or focus too much on taking notes.

I was one of those students who struggled to keep up with the professors’ talking or slides. 😅

If I go back to school again, I’ll likely use it more as a backup to ensure I don’t miss anything.

But I still would default to handwritten notes because something about them helps with memory retention.

However, it’s a nice supplement to some active notetaking.

What do you think?

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