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No One Talks About Rival Online Creators (Hating Each Other)

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but I do.

Yesterday, a new writer left a nice comment:

One of the best things about (Medium), in my opinion, is the fact that we can all become more open to each other. Gabby Gabs

I love Gabby’s energy and enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, there are some writers on this platform who really hate each other.

Recently, I told one of them about the Comparison Hangover effect.

This is when…

  • you’re obsessing about your competitor/s.
  • you spend way too much time scrolling enviously through his/her posts.

❌You need to STOP!❌

Stop this bad karma and do this:

  • ✅spend the majority of your time working on your writing
  • ✅think of all the tens of thousands of writers in the creator economy
  • ✅your rival can be your colleague to connect with
  • ✅stay focused

👇🏻Make your writing as amazing as it can be! 👇🏻

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