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No, You’re Not In Curation Jail

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I still get emails and DM’s in which writers wonder whether they might be in “curation jail”.

“Curation jail” is a term that refers to not being considered for curation on Medium (anymore).

Let me drop a bombshell now…

Medium simply axed curation!

Well, at least you can’t see it on your Stats page anymore whether Medium chose that your story should be shown to more people in the network.

One more thing…

A lot of writers didn’t care anymore about whether they got chosen for further distribution or not. It often did nothing to get anybody to get more views, reads, or dollars.

I can understand. If you hear this for the first time it feels devastating when you loved this sweet notification.

I’m sorry that it’s gone.

The good thing, though, is that you can’t get in “curation jail” anymore!


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