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Nobody Truly Cares About Me

  • 2 min read

I thought, but then someone dedicated a whole article to me

The last few weeks, I’ve been hitting the keys for the Writers Challenge.

Often I sat at the kitchen table until after midnight.

Although I had set my goal on 4 articles, I couldn’t finish #Work and #Reentry in time because of my mommy duties. My baby was teething and crying a lot.

Although writing on Medium is a priority, I just couldn’t write on the weekend. When I came back on Monday I saw that my views have dropped.

I was very sad.

So quickly I am forgotten, I thought to myself. Nobody is interested in my stories anymore.

But then I saw that my friend Jameson Steward dedicated a whole article to me.

Thanks so much for your emotional support😍 🥰 😘

Let’s do a #writerslift. Share your favorite writers in the comments!

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