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Non-Native Speakers Shouldn’t Write On Medium

  • 1 min read

True or false?

The other day I read in the comments that someone said the writing quality on this platform is terrible because the English of many writers is poor.


Even though the reader in the comments didn’t mean me personally, I felt called out.

To be honest: As a non-native speaker, you always feel called out and suffer from imposter syndrome.

You simply cannot speak a foreign language like your mother tongue.

You make mistakes on a regular basis.

This leads to the question:

Should non-native speakers write on this platform at all?

My statement: Yes!

It’s an international platform for writers and readers around the globe.

The English language is the foundation and the glue that holds us together.

There’s more to a story than correct grammar and word choice.

It’s about personality, emotions, and what the story triggers in you.

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