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Non-Natives Can’t Succeed On Medium, They Say

  • 2 min read

At least that’s what I read on Reddit lately.

I’m a non-native.

I’m from Germany and super grateful to have the opportunity to express myself on Medium.

In addition, by writing consistently I can boost my vocabulary and improve my English.

Of course, I did my happy dance when Nicole Dake shared:

“A big shout out to Kristina God, whose first language is German, for writing so well in English. Learning to speak multiple languages well really is a unique and difficult skill to master.”


But do I really rock?

Tell me!

  • I’ve been writing on Medium for 2,5 years now
  • I published more than 1,700 stories
  • I received 4 Medium bonuses
  • On average, earn around $1,000 USD with Medium
  • I have my own YouTube channel and Substack newsletter
  • I offer my own eBooks on Gumroad

I think I rock!

So, non-natives can definitely be successful on Medium!

Become a person of value and you’re good!

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