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Not Again! They Say Don’t Feed The Troll — But I Did It…Again

  • 1 min read

Oh no! Please leave me alone.

Recently, I already shared with you that I’ve been trolled.

A lot of writers left uplifting comments:

Florie Barry from Minessota said:

Successful individual want others to be successful.

Unsuccessful individuals prey on others due to fear, low self-esteem.

And Debbra Lupien, Voice of the Akashic Records stated:

(…) others have said it can be seen as a sign of success. Kind of like when you get the first negative review of a book. A sign you’ve arrived.

I’m thankful for those nice comments but NOW it has happened again and it really sucks. 😢

Robert Ralph recommended blocking trolls. Should I do it?

And… yes… although they say: Don’t feed the troll, I replied since it’s a loyal follower of mine.

What do you think should I block this person? 🤔


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