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Now It’s Official! Kristina God’s Online Course Lab Will Open Its Doors Soon

  • 1 min read

In July 2022

If you’re a skeptic about the online course world and YOU having space in it, I’m here to tell you…

It’s time for you to show up and earn some extra cash $$$$.

Together with online course instructor Patrick God, I invite you to this year's online course creation experience.

Patrick is a superstar and an online course pro.

He has served around 80,000 students so far.

Let me share with you a little secret:

There were a million reasons why I wasn’t ready or why it wouldn’t work!

But FINALLY, it did work out.

Thanks to my mentor Patrick, creating online courses absolutely changed my life.

I want the same for you.

If you say:

YES! I want to learn all the tools (in a simple and fun way) to create my own online course…

leave a comment or send me an email at

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