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Now You Can See When Someone Bookmarks Your Story

  • 2 min read

a motivation boost or just one more notification in a sea of notifications?

Medium continues to undergo a lot of changes at the moment.

Well, change is the only constant on Medium.

Today, I woke up with a new notification:

Medium notified me that Tunnel Books, author and creator, Francis Edwards bookmarked my story about Medium’s new audio feature and collaboration with Speechify.

That’s cool, now I know if and when someone adds my story to his or her list

It’s a motivation boost to keep going and that your articles are relevant to your readers but…

  • unfortunately, it’s ONE MORE notification in a sea of notifications — for me as a writer.

When I reached around 3K followers, I realized I couldn’t check 1.9K notifications anymore.

However, for new writers it’s a great notification, I think!


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