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Oh-a! Medium Killed The “Chosen For Further Distribution” Star

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…plus auto-curation, partnerships with Top Publications, and much more.

Okay, first of all, I love this song from The Buggles.

That’s why I used their lyrics to create some tension and excitement.

As you might (not) know, Medium killed the old way curation worked on Medium.

To be more specific, they killed the “Chosen for further distribution” tag.

Medium removed the notification about what was curated or not.

Well, getting curated used to be one of the hottest topics on the platform.

Especially for new writers who were longing for some validation, it was the holy grail to get a story hand-picked by Medium’s editorial team or AI.

If this happened writers saw this on the Stats Page:

Now you only hear crickets.

O-ha. There’s no “Chosen for further distribution” tag anymore that motivates you to keep going.

The question many new writers asked me was if that’s a bad thing because even if they were curated (and did their happy dance) they often didn’t really see an uptick in their stats.

It seems to them as if “curation” didn’t *really* make a difference.

As far as I’m concerned, getting curated definitely not equaled higher earnings. I saw this in my stats as well as in the stats of my students.

So being curated didn’t really make a difference for me.

In fact, my best-performing articles were the ones that weren’t curated or got de-curated after a few hours or days, as this example shows:

But there’s more.

Oh-a. Medium killed auto-curation!

On Medium there are Top publications.

Recently, I shared a list of the Top 10.

One of them is Mind Cafe.

As I’ve heard from the new Submission Manager at Mind Cafe, Bryan Dijkhuizen, the Top Publication with about 140K followers isn’t a “partner publication anymore”.

This means there’s no auto-curation anymore when you’re getting published for instance in mind cafe.

There was a lot of speculation going around whether or not Medium auto-curates your stories when you get distributed by mega publishing houses such as Mind Cafe, Start it up, or Entrepreneur’s Handbook.

Multiple publications used to have this contract.

I and my students experienced that whenever we got published in Mental Illness or another bigger publication, I got curated.


Because Medium trusted their curation system. When Mind Cafe picked a story then it has to fit its high editorial standards.

So now we know for sure:

“Yes! Auto-curation used to be a thing but…

…now it’s a thing of the past!

Side note: I’m not sure about the “Betters”. The “Betters” are the babies of Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine — Better Marketing, Better Programming, and Better Humans. Maybe here auto-curation is still happening but isn’t shown on your stats page.

Oh-a. Medium might somehow *kill* high-volume publications!

“High-volume publications” seems to be a thorn in the flesh for Tony Stubblebine and his team.

High-volume publications are “spammy” publications with probably zero curation. Meaning they are publishing everything and too many stories per day.

One publication he is talking about is one of the faster growing on Medium — “Illumination” by Dr Mehmet Yildiz with 60K followers.

Love Illumination or hate it, it really helped a lot of writers (including me) to share my stories about multiple topics.

O-ha. Medium might somehow *kill* the motivation of (new) writers.

I know from Mind Cafe that based on Tony’s statements the editorial team will instead of publishing between 10–15 stories a day, publish only 4–6 stories going forward

Plus, there will be a couple of hours between each story.

“It’s to go with that line of thought that Tony shared about “spammy” publications with too many stories in a day.” Bryan from Mind Cafe shared with me.

Since a lot of writers try to get published in Medium’s Top Publications, I assume that a lot will feel disappointed when they get (more) rejections than before.

O-ha. Medium kills their loyal paying members.

A fellow writer called Karen Madej left Medium as a paying member because she was frustrated about her stats and… started writing and sharing her stories on News Break… now she earns thousands of dollars there and gets thousands of views.

Karen Madej Facebook

Additionally, she has grown her following on NewsBreak from zero to around 8K within a few months (versus 2K on Medium).

Karen Madej on NewsBreak

Paying members who want to write come and then go because of buyer’s remorse.

Buyer’s remorse is a typical psychological phenomenon.

You buy something… and then you regret it.

So because of a lack of transparency, communication, declining views, and reads and the feeling they aren’t paid what they’re worth (which is true! Medium doesn’t pay us what we’re worth) writers are leaving the platform in search of greener pastures.

Final Takeaways

In the Creator Newsletter from October 2022 Medium shared:

This means although they killed the “Chosen for further distribution” tag, we still get some level of distribution/curation (Tony Stubblebine will soon share more details on this).

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

A lot of writers shared screenshots with me of their views, reads, and reading times. All of them (except a few) see a massive decline in their stats. They feel demotivated and unappreciated.

Unfortunately, most of my followers won’t even see this story and also might not see this news because less than 1% of my followers now see my stories because of the updated algorithm and “true follow feed” which doesn’t show my face anymore and doesn’t work properly. For instance, the feed doesn’t show posts chronologically as supposed to be.

This is really annoying. We have to find new ways to share our stories because not our stories are the problem. They are awesome. It’s the new changes.

“Medium killed the “chosen for further distribution” star
In my mind and in my stats
We can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far”

“You are a content creation star.”

So, please keep in mind:

Medium can kill curation. They can kill whatever they want.

But don’t let it kill your motivation, your passion, your voice, and your dreams!

Keep on keeping on, content creation star!

Share and republish your stories wherever you can!

I’m curious. What do you think about the latest changes?

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