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Oh No! Apparently, Something Is Off With Medium’s Earnings Calculation and the Bonus for Listen…

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Better track your earnings. I’m missing earnings and the bonus for listening time.

To be honest, Medium is driving me crazy at the moment.

Today, each of us should have received the March payment summary email.

Me too.

😥When I checked it I realized two things:

  • Apparently, my missing earnings from March 31st weren’t added yet. But that’s another story.
  • I didn’t receive another bonus for listen time.

The ladder is what drives me crazy the most.

I KNOW from the comments sections and private notes that there were several readers who told me they listened to my stories.

Here’s one proof from March (!) 7, 2022. Martin Andersson Aaberge listened to my story about the first bonus:

Plus, last month, I received (a whopping 😂) $2.22 — and those pennies add up!🤑

🤑Several writers received it, others got nothing

Examples of writers who received the first bonus for February:

Examples of writers who didn’t get it:

Big players, such as…

… didn’t receive a single penny either.

Additionally, Abena Talks (8K followers) shared with me:

I received an email to say I had received a bonus but no extra money showed up in my earnings section.

❌It’s so bizarre!

A few weeks ago, I reached out to Medium’s Support and then shared with you that there will be several more bonus waves for listen time.

Additionally, I received an email from Medium’s Vice President telling me that they will enroll the listen feature (Speechify) to more and more people.

As Warren stated:

(…) our plan is to (…)consider making it available to ALL readers in the future.

❌Another weird thing happened.

I know that sometimes, the earnings don’t update when they should.

It happened to me several times when for two straight days, my earnings were the same.

I am not sure if it is a bug or something, because lately, Medium has got too buggy.

I also know that the first day of the month shows the calculations on the last day of the previous month which is on another page.

This month, all my referral earnings were gone.

This was weird too.

I reached out to Medium and they somehow solved it.

But my earnings for March 31st haven’t been updated yet.

Erin experienced the same and also can’t help but wonder…

I had the same issue, Kristina. It was really weird. Everything seems to be resolved now, but I can’t help but wonder if I received my March 31st earningsErin M.

I’m not an accountant and this is not my day job.

This is my side hustle.

It’s supposed to be fun.

In my day job as a brand manager, I have to be an Excel queen for my brands and the portfolio of the company I’m working for.

But in my side hustle, which I do in the evenings? NO WAY!

But when earnings are missing, and bonuses aren’t paid…

I get the feeling I have to keep track and this really annoys me.

⏱️I don’t have time for this.

I don’t want to click through Medium’s new Support Center (which takes 20 seconds) and then open a ticket.

Yes, you heard it!

There is no possibility to send an email to anymore.

You have to open a ticket but before you can do this Medium wants you to find an answer in their Help Center or (this is what I heard from several new writers) simply be so frustrated that you forget your question, stress eat and cry.

Okay, okay… this sounds worse than it is.

I opened several tickets and within two days I’ve received an answer!

Hey! That’s Medium’s record — maybe because so many people don’t know how to reach out to Medium’s Support or simply scroll through Medium’s Help Center without finding an answer.

⁉️ What shall I do?

In regard to my missing earnings from the 31st of March, Medium’s engineering team will take a closer look now but what does this mean?

I was asked several questions:

  • When do I track my earnings?
  • In which time zone do I live?
  • How do I track my earnings?

Again, I really don’t have the time to write emails to Medium’s Support asking them about my earnings.

This month, I’m taking screenshots every day — but does this make it any better?

My time is too valuable and I really don’t want to complain about Medium.

I want to enjoy my writing journey and help others.

I’m just going to keep my head down and keep pushing through.

Hopefully, things will turn around for the best.

So I wonder,…

– Have you received a bonus for listening time?

– Do you have experienced something bizarre too?

– Do you also have the feeling that something is off?

© Kristina God

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