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Oh No! I’m Debt-Free

  • 1 min read

I can’t participate in TikTok’s latest trend and show my unpaid bills.

There’s a strange trend on TikTok I heard about on the radio.

German TikTokers show their unpaid bills and debts.

Although they are in financial difficulties, those young TikTokers are proud of themselves.

The Swedish financial service provider called Klarna makes it easy for young people to go in dept.

Their slogan:

Buy now, pay later.

Apparently, during the pandemic a lot of young people in Germany went into dept because of this mindset.

Why not pay this shiny object NOW and pay LATER?

When I was about 20 years old I went into dept too.

I was obligated to pay back money that I borrowed.

  • First, I had a student loan for my BA in Journalism.
  • Then for my Masters in Marketing.

Fast forward to today, I’m dept-free and I’m proud of it!

How about you?

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