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On This Platform, Every Voice Finds Its Stage

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Everything is allowed!

I know a lot of (Medium) writers are longing for a place where they can be themselves.

For many, Medium isn’t this place anymore.

If you feel the same and want to be seen and heard for who you are… Substack might be the right platform for you.

It’s a space where every voice finds its stage.

Substack’s Head of Writer Relations Sophia Efthimiatou shared in a webinar that a writer once told her she wanted to write about chickens and politics.

She was wondering which niche to pick.

Chickens or Politics?

Guess what Sophia recommended?

Picking both!

The outcome? A crazy newsletter about the state of America… and a lot of chickens.

Joyce Vance is the writer I’m talking about.

Civil Discourse is her super successful newsletter with more than 150,000 subscribers.

There’s no one else than you in this world!

Here’s another crazy Substack success story:

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