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One-Clappers Welcome — Medium Has a New Clap Rule

  • 2 min read

Here’s what you need to know

Ever thought:

“Who the f*ck clapped one time?”

Well, these times are over.

Starting on August 1st, Medium changed its earnings calculations.

Part of the new calculation formula is claps.

Ring, ring… yes, you heard that right: claps are… back!

In the past, writers used to get paid based on claps. That’s why they asked you to leave 50 claps.

Since many writers tried to game the system, Medium started to pay writers based on reading time.

Although I know that the confetti feeling of the full 50 claps feels soooo damn good… to get paid on Medium in the future it’s not necessary to get the full 50.

It’s totally fine to get one clap!

Only the first clap counts.

Every clapper is a “fan”.

A “clapper” = “fan”.

Every clap tells Medium your story is worth reading and engaging and paying you!

If you like something, clap!


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