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One Crucial Way To Stand Out With Your Medium Profile

  • 2 min read

… and get published.

Every week, writers publish thousands of new stories on Medium. Every week they try to get published by a publication.

How to stand out🔥?

  1. My posts have been published for instance in The Writing Cooperative.

When I’ve submitted a post to a publication for the first time I learned that the editors also took a closer look at my profile page — especially my ‘About’ section.

2. They are more likely to take it seriously and actually read your work when you keep your ‘About’ professionally.

3. As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s important to pick the things that highlight you in a good light and are relevant: Top Writer + Top 2,000 Writer + Storyteller + Marketer.

screenshot by: Kristina God

Check it out🔥! You may consider something similar for your own profile, too.

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