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One Of Medium’s Biggest Publications Is Closing

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you’ll be surprised

As with all things in life, things change and we ride the waves.

Even though I never submitted anything to ‘The Ascent’, I was accepted as an editor and I liked consuming its articles.

A few days ago the owner and editor-in-chief surprisingly announced he’ll close his publication.

Steve Campbell had a great time. He just wanted to move on after 5 and a half long hard years of running his ‘side project’.

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With 100k followers, The Ascent was one of the biggest publications on Medium.

It’s not the first time big publications have closed

A few months ago P.S. I Love You already closed its doors because Medium pulled the plug on fundings. The editors chose it wasn’t worth their time to continue.

A few weeks ago, Tom Kuegler announced he’ll shut down ‘The Post Grad Survival Guide’ for all submissions.

It’s been great fun, but it’s also been exhausting.

It’s exhausting to look over story after story, give feedback, and publish stuff every day.

I started hating it so much that I hired Stephen Moore to do it instead.

Medium was never interested in paying us for any of this either, which made it even more exhausting.

So I’m just going to shut everything down and take it over.

Final Thoughts

As with all things in life, things change and we ride the waves.

I’m sure new opportunities will emerge in the upcoming months — for individual writers as well as for (emerging) publications such as ‘New Writers Welcome’ by Robert Ralph which already gained around 200 followers in a few days.

I’m sure it’s a cycle and others will take over, find new niches and unique opportunities.

I’m very curious to see what’s coming next!

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What do you think about the future of Medium’s publications and about the big pubs closing?

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