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One Of Medium’s Top Voices You May Never Have Heard Of But…

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need to know and to follow.

When I published my post about insider information of upcoming upgrades on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, and Co. Raafeke commented:

I never heard of this Nicolas guy until today but I have followed him now. I want to stay in the know.

You may wonder ‘Nicolas who?’. The talk is about Nicolas Cole. I introduced him in my article. He’s the one with the insider information.

screenshot by Kristina God

3 reasons to follow Nicolas:

  1. He’s an authority in the online writing world
  2. He has turned his passionate side hustle into a real business
  3. He’s 20x Top Writer on Medium in various categories

I started following Nicolas on Medium and on Twitter too. I love his inspiring and newsworthy tweets and stories. They are precise and to the point.

More about Nicola’s impressive portfolio:

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