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One Of My Students Became A Top Writer While Travelling Europe

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When my student CARMEN F MICSA came back from her trip from Europe (where I live), she got the wonderful news that…

she became a Top Writer in #Food.

In a Tweet my glowing testimonial shared the following:

I returned from our European trip and woke up to a great email from Medium about receiving My second Top writer this time in food! Very grateful for all my readers and to Kristina God for her guidance and great boot camp class!

Oftentimes students are pumped and then…the train goes a liiiitle off the tracks.

They publish less.

They get distracted.

Carmen is different!

She sees SEXY results over and over again because she is a doer, believes in herself and she’s grateful for my help.

You can’t put a price on that!

🧡Thanks, Carmen for being YOU!🧡

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