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Oops! 3 Of The Most Common Easy-To-Fix Reasons Why You’re Article Isn’t Curated

  • 1 min read

Most writers break these commonly missed rules — without knowing it.

Many new writers have one thing in common.

They create unique stories that don’t have any chance of getting distributed and promoted by Medium.


⚠️Because their posts don’t follow Medium’s requirements for further distribution.

Sadly, these writers are breaking rules without knowing it.

Here’s good news:

Most of the issues that disqualify a story from curation can easily be fixed!

👍 I’m the proof: Three-quarters of my stories are chosen for further distribution.

Before you hit publish, check whether you’ve met these commonly missed guidelines:

1. ✔️ Avoid rules violations.

2. ✔️ Make sure you have the right to use the images in your story.

3. ✔️ Do not include massive call-to-actions.

👍 Here’s the full checklist for 2021:


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