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Oops! Apparently, I’m A Grandma Now

  • 2 min read

and I wonder how it happened.

I really wonder how this could happen… but it happened.

Slowly but steadily I became one.

As a young mom, you want your styling to be comfy and comfortable and I’m not alone.

The Coastal Grandma look is THE trend on TikTok.

It’s basically preppy clothes to wear at your beach house.

TikTok superstar Lex Nicoleta came up with this cool term to niche this specific style down.

As Sissi Malva de Moura said:

For me it’s s variant of a smart, preppy, bon chic bon genre style or as kids are saying right now, “Old money style”.

The Sober Vegan Yogi and Nicole Hilbig love this style too.

As Lex explains:

A coastal grandma is everyone who “loves Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten and cozy interiors.”

I’m sure there are more coastal grandmothers on Medium. Let me know about this in the comments!

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