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Oops…Always Check Your Links Before You Submit a Piece!

  • 3 min read

I learned it the hard way.

Often when I create YouTube videos I also offer a free resource/tool on my Gumroad site.

Since I put a lot of sweat, heart, tears, and time into creating my videos and free resources, I also have the urge to promote them, since my channel is new and small.

To promote my videos, I include links to them and/or my free resource on Gumroad.


The other day, I published a short form story about my new video and included the link to my “Grow Fast on Substcak 2024 Checklist”.

It’s a super cool checklist that shows you how you can organically grow your subscriber base on Substack and also take advantage of an awesome growth hack.

When I checked my stats I wondered why no one downloaded the checklist.

Is it not valuable enough? was my first thought. The next thought was: Have I made a mistake?

I checked my comments on Medium and Lorelai White informed me that my link wasn’t working…

Oops, I did it again.

This also happened a few weeks back with a video about the AI image generator Firefly.

Learn from my mistake, check your links before you submit a piece!

Here’s how to check whether your links are working:

  • Copy the link and paste it into Medium’s editor
  • If it’s a link text, then click the link and see if it works.
  • If you embed a video, even if you see a thumbnail, click it and see if it’s playing the video.
  • If you embed a free resource, even if you see a thumbnail, click it and see if it’s playing the video.

Made a mistake? Here’s how to edit the link:

I missed checking the link in the first place, but when I checked it once the article was published in “The Shortform” I clicked the three-dot menu on the top right and “Edit post”.

Then I scrolled down to the bottom of my story and edited the link.

Did this happen to you as well or am I the only one? haha 😂

Here’s my video with the growth hack:

Here’s my Substack Growth Checklist:

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