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Open Letter To My 24-Year-Old Self

  • 1 min read

Day Four of the 10-Day Shortform Challenge

If I had the opportunity to go back ten years in time and tell my former, 24-year-old self one thing then it would be this:

  • In the next ten years, you’ll work your ass off in the corporate world.
  • You will work hard, sleep only a few hours to get your presentation done, and will only have a few hours left for quality time with your family and friends, for being outdoors, and enjoying nature.
  • You will soon climb the career ladder from an assistant to a manager because you’re doing a magnificent job.

Please take a moment to reflect on this scenario.

Do you want your next 10 years to be like this or do you have the courage to start your online business, as your boyfriend and future husband recommends all the time?

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