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OpenAI Will Put Its Blockbuster ChatGPT Behind a Paywall

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Each chat query cost OpenAI a few cents

Some say Open AI’s latest product ChatGPT almost works like magic.

I tried it and it’s really magical.

It turns a simple prompt into a succinct email, an essay about the future of social media, a business proposal, a game, or a script.

What people love most is that OpenAI’s blockbuster conversational language model is free to use!

That’s one of the reasons ChatGPT is on fire and has become an instant sensation.

In a matter of days, it accumulated over a million users.

You might think it would stay free forever but… according to The Information, OpenAI plans to eventually put it behind a paywall.


Each chat query cost OpenAI single-digit cents.

Sam Altman Twitter

This adds up quickly when a million users pinged ChatGPT multiple times a day.

“Eventually, OpenAI would have to put it behind a paywall, if only to cover the staggering cost of computing.” —The Information

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