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PayPal Will Soon End Partnership With Buy Me A Coffee

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Distressful news for Medium writers who want to fund their work and get tips

To give a writer who has provided you with an inspiring piece an extra amount of cash to thank them is lovely, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, Medium doesn’t offer a tip jar — yet.

Of course, Medium could re-think its membership program.

One future key feature could be a tip jar to thank our favorite writers.

A few months ago, I wrote a popular article about this topic, I started a petition and even reached out to Medium’s Support Team.

They answered, thanked me, and said they would forward it as a suggestion to Medium’s Product Manager team.

Medium is introducing all sorts of new features aimed at helping self-published writers.

I really hope this feature will be implemented soon.

Medium’s competitor, Vocal, offers already a tip feature for their creators.

You could say:

I have to wait and see what Medium will do next.

or (and that’s much better) say:

I don’t want to wait: I want to take action now and open a Buy Me A Coffee account!

If you consider opening a Buy Me A Coffee account, have already opened one, or wanted to support your favorite writer, here’s the bad news.

PayPal will end its partnership with the platform soon.

Meaning, you can’t support your favorite writer via PayPal and as a creator can’t offer the PayPal paying method anymore.

How you can tip other writers

My husband is a web developer with thousand of students.

He’s also creating free tutorials about web development on YouTube.

screenshot by Kristina God; Patrick God YouTube channel

To thank him for his awesome content people buy him a coffee from time to time.

This year he made around $500 with Buy Me A Coffee.

Good to know about Buy Me A Coffee

If your followers enjoy the content you create they can…

  • ‘buy’ you a virtual coffee to show support at a set dollar amount you determine, for instance, $5.
  • You can embed a link to your profile page where you can accept donations in your Medium stories, for instance at the bottom of your articles.
  • It’s free to use but takes a 5% transaction fee on every donation.
  • Creators can also set up monthly subscription plans and set up tiers for different levels of paying supporters.

What my husband loves the most about this donation tool are the comments such as…

Absolutely love your videos (…) Keep doing what you’re doing. I bought 10 coffees.

Here’s his Buy Me A Coffee page.

screenshot by Kristina God

If you want to support him, you can choose how many coffees you want to buy him.

Let’s say I want to buy him one cup of coffee for $5.

Formerly, I could also choose PayPal, which I really liked.

Now I have only the option to pay with a credit card (Stripe) or via Google Pay (Stripe) as you can see below.

screenshot by Kristina God

Moreover, as a creator, you can offer Apple Pay.

Announcement via email

The CEO Jijo Sunny sent an email to its creators:

Action Required: Choose an alternative payout method

Hi Patrick,

I’m Jijo, founder of Buy Me a Coffee. I regret to inform you that we’re discontinuing our partnership with PayPal. This means that PayPal payments will eventually be unsupported on the platform. (…)


We are as distressed as you are because of PayPal’s decision and have tried everything in our power to avoid this over the past few months.

I wanted to address this issue personally because you, as a creator, mean everything to us, and we know what every coffee/support means to you.

We understand if none of these options work for you, but this is the best we can do at this moment.

Will Stripe handle all Buy Me A Coffee payments from now on?

As Carrie. A. Kelly wondered in her post:

Buy Me a Coffee payments are processed through PayPal and Stripe.

With the impending end of the partnership between it and PayPal, will Stripe handle all the Buy Me a coffee payments from now on?

What about the creators who can’t sign up for Stripe because of their location?

According to Buy Me A Coffee, The Stripe service is currently only available in 40 countries although on their website Stripe says it’s available in 46.

Another option for creators — Ko-fi

As my friend Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles from India (non-Stripe country) says:

(…) I have also signed up for Ko-fi which uses PayPal to process payments.

Carrie. A. Kelly answered:

17% of the worlds population live in India don’t they? so it’s ridiculous to cut out such a huge market! and potential revenue for them.

Top Writer Shannon Ashley is a Ko-fi Ambassador and raising money for her ‘Lipedema Care, Surgery and Recovery’.

You can buy her a virtual coffee for $5. She has already received 8.5K+ coffees.

If you love her writing and want to become a supporter her Ko-fi page gives you the opportunity.

screenshot by Kristina God

Good to know about Ko-Fi

If your followers enjoy the content you create they can…

  • ‘buy’ you a virtual coffee to show support at a set dollar amount you determine, for instance, $5 as Shannon does.
  • The payouts are processed immediately using PayPal, Apple Pay, or Stripe.
  • You can embed a link to your profile page where you can accept donations in your Medium stories, for instance at the bottom of your articles.
  • It’s free to use and charges a 0% transaction fee on donations.
  • You can’t set up membership levels such as with ‘Buy me a coffee’.

Final Takeaways

Food photo created by senivpetro —

Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised someday to find a tipping feature become reality on Medium.

Still, we shouldn’t wait for the right opportunity.

We should create it!

Great stories deserve to be rewarded. It’s a simple way to fund your work.

I believe that true fans, loyal readers, and writers want to support each other.

Just within a few minutes, you can create a Ko-fi and/or Buy me a coffee account — a meaningful way to fund your creative work.

© Kristina God

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