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Paywalled Articles Get Promoted More On Medium

  • 2 min read

True or False?

Distribution is one of the biggest buzzwords in the community of Medium writers.

But what does it mean?

Distribution is when Medium’s curators choose your story to share more widely with readers.

  • When a story is curated, it shows up on the page for the tag (=label) that it has been curated in.
  • It will be distributed to Medium members who follow those tags and be promoted via Medium’s channels (on the homepage, in the app, in their Daily Digest newsletter, and in other emails)

The question:

Some new writers wonder whether putting a story behind Medium’s paywall does affect its distribution.

Meaning, that paywalled articles get promoted more on Medium.

The answer:

Of course, every platform wants to earn money but on Medium metered and non-metered stories have the same chances of being distributed.

Putting a story behind the paywall does not affect its distribution on Medium.

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