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People Don’t Buy From You Because Your Blog Is Pretty — Right or Wrong?

  • 2 min read

If you start your blog, you have to gain people’s trust!

Since it’s the best investment in 2024, many writers have started to create their websites with a blog.

But instead of publishing their website as soon as possible, they are spending lots of time designing their site — even if it’s a theme.

I’m also guilty of spending way too much time designing my site.

After spending hours on the design of my site, this is a friendly reminder that people don’t buy from you because your blog is “pretty”.

It helps, you’re right.

But they buy your products, courses and services because of your words on the blog and website. Your copy is what counts and your stories.

Ask yourself:

  • Does this copy match what my audience needs?
  • Does my website/blog tells a story people can relate to?

If you start your blog, you have to gain people’s trust!

Are you struggling with building your own site?

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