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Picking Low-Hanging Fruit When It Comes To Creating Content

  • 1 min read

makes life so much easier

Ever wondered what the expression…

low-hanging fruit


When we talk about picking low-hanging fruit, we don’t mean doing actual physical labor, we mean finding easy solutions.

The obvious or easy things that can be most readily done (…) in achieving success or making progress toward an objective.

(Merriam-Webster dictionary)

When it comes to creating content online, momentum is key.

Oftentimes the idea I have right now is way too hard to execute. Meaning it would take too much time and energy.

Instead of spending hours creating this content, I work on something that’s easier to execute — short form stories.

These 150 words stories are much easier to execute than long form stories.

To build creative confidence and gain momentum just try this simple strategy.

Life will be so much easier for you.


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