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Pimp Your Pain For Profit Isn’t A Dirty Thing To Do

  • 1 min read

help one person today

  • Make your mess your message.
  • Turn your pain into a purpose.
  • Turn your trial into your triumph.

And I learned from Maggie Kelly:

Pimp your pain for profit.

Hey, that’s not a dirty thing to do, guys.

Come on.

It’s all about being of service to others through what you’ve gone through.

Whatever it is you’re going through… the secret to getting ahead is to build strength from vulnerability.

Everybody has got something.

Make the best out of it and make your mess your message.

Especially during a pandemic, people are looking for a deeper connection.

Moreover, it’s great to empower and help others.

If you want to feel happy then help others — by telling your story.

Imagine this ONE PERSON you could help TODAY.

Imagine how you could change his or her life forever.


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