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Planning To Quit Your Job? You’re In Good Company

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Millions of people will quit their jobs in search of greener pastures

Recently I came across the word “greener pastures”.

As a non-native, I love to learn new words.

Greener pastures means = a better or more promising situation

If you’re in the middle of searching for a better situation in regard to your work, you’re not alone. Actually, you’re in good company.

A recent study shows:

1 in 5 Americans are thinking about quitting their jobs

We live already in a time where millions of people are quitting their jobs. This is called ‘The Great Resignation’.

The Great Resignation is a term coined in May 2021.

It describes the record number of people leaving their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic.

And this trend won’t slow down.

Here’s all you need to know about “The Great Resignation Revolution”:


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