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Platform Fatigue Is Real

  • 2 min read

There are so many creators feeling it

When I hit publish on I Suffer From Platform Fatigue and I Bet You Do Too I didn’t expect it would become one of my most successful newsletter issues.

In the comments on Substack, on Notes, and on YouTube in the community I received A LOT of messages from people who also think it’s just too much.

Threads, X, Mastodon, Medium’s new Partner Program changes… you name it.

The social media landscape is undergoing so many changes that it’s tough to stay on top of things.

Often we get lost. Another shiny object is telling us to join to be successful on another better platform.

But what about Vocal, Simily, and NewsBreak?

Let’s take NewsBreak for instance. Fellow writers used to make 10,000 USD and now they are only earning pennies.

All those changes suck — especially if you’re creating part-time!

Learn more about the feeling of platform fatigue:

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