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Play More!

  • 1 min read

Watching my child play, I far too often think to myself that professional life is about winning or losing. But what about playing?

When we play, we are in a joyful state and receive the reward of happy emotions. Therefore it has emotional benefits for us. You can watch your children being absorbed in their play and enjoying happy feelings at this moment.

But let’s be honest. What does the world of business usually look like? Every form of competition forms a competitive game.

What if we went back deep into our childhood? Find more to ourselves. Remember how we were as children.

Playing is essential. Without competition, comparison, and pressure of goals.

Feed the deep creative hunger you are born with. Get out your Legos and crayons again.

Don’t stay in your self-limiting fixed mindset — but exchange it for the growth mindset of the smallest people.

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