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Players and Faux Experts Will Die Hard

  • 1 min read

or will have to raise their game on Medium

You might have noticed that there is a category of people here that wants to make an easy, fast buck on Medium.

Medium is aware of this and has a clear message:

It’s not possible to make a living here unless you are seriously raising your game.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Faux (marketing) experts give (fake) advice on marketing or whatever.
  • Poorly researched stories that are spreading misinformation.
  • People with no real-life experience in a topic — professionally or personally.
  • Relationship tips from people who don’t have a healthy relationship themselves.
  • Doom and gloom without any reference, only based on emotions and one source.
  • 30 Day (cold shower) experiments based on watching YouTube videos from Matt D’Avella.

Game over, guys!

Medium is suspicious and will check your credibility in the future!

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