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Powerful! With Evergreen Content You’re Seeing Money Coming In Every Single Day

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If you know how to create it, you will have lasting success.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it.

Constantly writing online can be overwhelming, stressful, and make you want to call it quits.

I know you’re a busy side hustler.

So today I want to make an effort to highlight the power of evergreen content.

For any readers with the attention span of a goldfish, here’s a little insight into the benefits in terms of longtime revenue and views:

screenshot Kristina God of an evergreen article

YES! You’re seeing money coming in every single day!

Are you hungry for more?

Sure, continue reading!

What is evergreen content?

As the name implies evergreen content is….

  • continually relevant
  • sustainable
  • stays fresh over a long period of time
  • continues to be relevant long past its publication date

Additionally, most people who create evergreen content experince search traffic growth over time.

How to create evergreen content?

Let me give you some specific tips and examples:


Share your expertise.

Write a how-to article for beginners.

Hint: Beginners are searching on broad topics! Don’t be too specific.

Powerful example:


Did you know? Buzzfeed has created a multi-million dollar business out of creating listicles.

Listicles, such as 10 Things You Need To Know… are trending.


  • Figures lend weight to arguments.
  • They are easily digestible and suit our brains
  • Numbers add authority to articles and help sway decisions.

Hint: They are shareable and tend to go viral!

Powerful example:


Documenting your journey and sharing your lessons learned are key.

Hint: Try to avoid overly technical language and write for beginners.

Powerful example:

This won’t make the cut as evergreen content!

Evergreen content is different.

It has no real expiration date and retains its value long-term.

So an article about the Will Smith slap or Taylor Swift’s doctor title may be popular content for now but it won’t make the cut as evergreen content.

In general, with timely news hooks you can (only) gain temporary success:

Here’s an exception to the rule. S M Mamunur Rahman made $20,000 with an old story about Elon Musk firing his long-term assistant:

You’re seeing money coming in every single day on the evergreen

Let’s come back to the graph I showed you in the introduction.

screenshot Kristina God of an evergreen article

The graph shows the lifetime views and earnings of an evergreen post from December 2021 to May 2022.

  • Every single day I see money coming in.
  • The evergreen article has accumulated around $300 so far.

This is what makes evergreen so powerful:

  • ⚡ you’re seeing money coming in every single day on the evergreen, which allows you to have more freedom
  • ⚡ you get time, time to keep serving your community
  • ⚡ you get constant views and reads
  • ⚡ helps you to create a sustainable, scalable business

Don’t set it and forget it!

I don’t think it’s enough to just run evergreen content in the background.

That it’s one and done and you can move on.

You definitely need to make an effort to highlight your valuable evergreen content so that it’s immediately seen and accessible by your audience.

So, don’t do yourself a disservice and set it and forget it!

There’s so much opportunity in promoting your evergreen content.

To get some more traffic into your evergreen content you should:

  • promote it via short form stories (150 words or less)
  • link to it at the bottom of your stories
  • create a list of evergreen stories to binge-read
  • share your evergreens on social media to attract new readers
  • update your evergreen post and add more details to the story if needed

Final Takeaways — There’s a place for both

I know writing about timely news hooks or other stories that are relevant for you right now can be very stressful.

My tip: Move to evergreen content that can help you build lasting success.

I’m a perfect example of the fact that you can have both in your business:

Quick wins and lasting success.

© Kristina God

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