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Pssst! Medium Has 725,000 Paying Members and More Insights You Need To Know Now

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To get the jump on 2023 and kickstart your success on Medium.

Medium is an American online publishing platform developed by Ev William (who also co-founded Twitter).

The platform was launched in August 2012 and celebrated its 10th anniversary this year in August.

As CEO, Ev Williams held the reins for a decade before handing them over to Tony Stubblebine in July.

Tony Stubblebine is one of Medium’s biggest fans. He is the founder of Better Humans, Better Programming, and Better Marketing which belong to Medium’s Top 10 publications.

Medium has about 725,000 paid Medium members.

Tony Stubblebine declined to give Silicon Valley reporter Casey Newton an update, but as of last year, the blogging platform had 725,000 paid subscribers.

Quick math:

Medium’s membership program costs $5 a month or $50 a year.

Based on my audience stats, let’s assume most people take the $5-a-month option and come and go.

5 x 12 = $60

$60x 725,000 =$45,500,000

Additionally, Medium’s founder Ev Williams funds the company.

Medium is an open platform that hosts user-generated content.

As of November 2022, it’s one of the 377 most visited websites on the internet.


Additionally, it ranks 270 in the United States.

It has 145M monthly views with people spending about 01:54 minutes on the website once they visit it.

Positive trend from August to October 2022, Similarweb

It has a significant (paying) built-in audience of readers who are actively browsing through the app or website to find new stories from undiscovered voices to read.

Medium’s core audience is from America

In October 2022, the United States was the top country sending desktop traffic to Then came India, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Brazil.


Primarily men are using Medium’s audience is 65.49% male and 34.51% female.


Medium is dominated by users who are 25 to 34 years old

On the desktop version, the largest age group of visitors are 25–34 year olds.

Followed by 18–24 year olds.


This Is The Most Popular Topic To Write About On is definitely not the right platform for people who want to share their poems.


Because writers constantly complain that they don’t make any money by writing about poetry on

Nevertheless, #Poetry is the most used tag on Medium.

Tag page #Poetry

Poetry ranks #1 on the Top 10 list of most popular topics. This also makes it a very competitive tag because so many people are using it.

594K stories have been shared on the platform.

The Top 10 most popular topics on Medium

On Medium, writers have published 75M articles so far!

Besides #Poetry, the most popular topics are:

  1. Poetry (594K stories written)
  2. Life Lessons (558K)
  3. Startup (536K)
  4. Politics (446K)
  5. Writing (437K)
  6. Love (439K)
  7. Self Improvement (431K)
  8. Education (382K)
  9. Entrepreneurship (376K)
  10. Travel (375K)

Here’s the full list:

Top Audience Interests

According to Similarweb,’s audience is especially interested in programming and Developer Software, Computers Electronics and Technology, news, blog, and business.


Users who visit Medium also visit,,, LinkedIn or one of Medium’s biggest publications: Towards Data Science.

Google is Medium’s key traffic driver

Users find posts on Medium primarily via search engines or by searching directly on This makes Google the key traffic driver.

With Google’s helpful content update, several Medium writers told me they doubled their views (most externally) because so many users visit their content via Google.


Referrals and Socials bring about 6% of traffic each.

You can promote Medium by asking others to join the platform via your referral link.

You can also promote your stories by sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and so on, which Medium’s founder and owner Ev Williams strongly recommends in order to get more eyeballs on your content. gets most of its social media traffic from Twitter.

The founder of Medium is also the co-founder of Twitter. So make sure to connect your Twitter profile with Medium. You can also connect your Linkedin or Facebook profile.

Sharing ideas on Reddit could also help you to drive traffic to your posts.


Engaging audiences through YouTube may reveal new opportunities for you.

The list of Medium’s Top 10 Publications

Last but not least, to get more eyeballs on your stories, get paid more, and grow your following, it’s smart to publish with Medium’s biggest publications.

Here are the Top 10 pubs on Medium:

1 The Startup/ Start it up (760K)

2 Towards Data Science (636K)

3 Better Humans (338K)

4 The Writing Cooperative (240k)

5 Entrepreneur’s Handbook (219K)

6 Better Programming (207K)

7 Mind Cafe (135K)

8 Better Marketing (120K)

9 Illumination (57K)

10 Invisible Illness (52K)

Here’s how to become a writer in one of Medium’s biggest publications.

For more insights, tips and tricks give Top Writer Kristina God a follow.

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Kristina also has a new YouTube channel where she will share tutorial videos about Medium.

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