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Pssst! There’s One Well-Kept Alternative To Unsplash

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Only professional bloggers know this tool that makes their stories stand out from the crowd

Do you also see the same (lame) images popping up in your feed — over and over again?

Are you annoyed and sick of using Unsplash images?

Do you struggle to find unique pictures for your stories?

What if I told you there are other options out there?

In this article, I’ll show you an alternative to free stock photos from Unsplash — the website Medium is recommending.

A professional creator friend of mine recommended it to me the other day and said:

It’s a well-kept secret in the blogging industry. 😉

Pssst! Images are about creating emotions.

Before I show you the alternative to Unsplash, let me give you some more background information.

(Spoiler: The images I’ll show you are already from the site I want to recommend to you.)

When I pick an image for my stories I search for images that elicit an emotional response.

From my over 10 years of experience in the field of writing, I know that selecting the right image is crucial for the success of a story.

Moreover, it’s smart to be strategic about which image to pick.

Compelling nature of…

Photographic portraits

  • Your readers feel a strong draw towards human faces.
  • That’s why it’s, for instance, better to show a human face with a laptop instead of just the laptop screen.


Adorable animal breed canine
  • Yes, that’s the reason you clicked on this article with the cute dog lately.
  • Our emotional response to animals is strong.
  • We love baby mammals whether it’s an animal or human.


Cute baby boy on a cradle
  • Speaking of human mammals, of course, we’re in love with cute babies — triggered by ‘baby schema’.
  • But look at this one: this wide eyes and soft and small body …

With this in mind, let me now show you the well-kept alternatives to Unsplash.

Pssst! The Alternative To Unsplash Most Writers Don’t Know About

I love this player in the stock photo game.

A creator friend of mine recommended it to me the other day.

7 Reasons why it’s smart to use PikWizard — a well-kept secret

7 — On PikWizard you can find hundreds of free stock photos as well as videos.

6 — It’s a good place to search for nature shots, photographs of people, baby photos, and animal pictures.

5 — Moreover, they have great #diversity and #inclusive stock.

4 — There’s no attribution required.

screenshot PikWizard

3 — It also has an easy-to-use online graphic design software called Design Wizard that lets you make simple modifications and changes to any image you find for free.

screenshot PikWizard

For instance, you can add text before you download your photographs.

screenshot PikWizard

2 — PikWizard offers quality images that differ from the ones on Unsplash.

1 — Try PikWizard here for free (no affiliate link).

Final Takeaways

There’s always an alternative.

Instead of using the same lame feature images over and over again (you know which one I mean) try this option that makes your stories stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what your readers gonna think:

Wait, that’s a new one.

Let’s click on it!

As a creator, it’s always beneficial to explore new tools, isn’t it?

© Kristina God

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