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Publication Announcement: The Point of View

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Calling all writers with a strong voice. Dare to share your controversial or provocative opinion. Your opinion counts.

Do you feel like you have a controversial opinion with no platform?

Not anymore, my sweet friend!

A new publication is here.

Open, inclusive, and ready to create discussion and debate.

Does this sound exciting?

Then the new publication The Point of View (POV) is the perfect home for your stories.

There’s more good news:

  • Op-Eds, opinion-pieces about #Culture #Society #Politics #Gender “and everything in between” are welcome.
  • Freely express your controversial or provocative opinion.
  • Share your strong and unique voice with the community.
  • Discuss things that matter to you with a community that loves to debate.

June did a thing…

As a kid, she used to ask the why question all the time.

Her dad got so fed up that he would reply with “Because the sky is high” to shut her up. It worked… for a while.

As an adult, she now follows her calling with the publication The Point of View.

It grew out of a desire to write more opinion pieces (also called Op-Eds). I couldn’t find a home for it here so I figured why not start one. June Kirri

If you say:

I love opinion pieces!

June’s pub got your back.

Join the new pub for strong voices now:


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