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Q&A Session With Kristina God

  • 1 min read

Ask me anything.

So exciting!

It’s time again for my next Q&A session.

If you need a hand with anything just leave a comment and I’ll answer your question.

Some questions I’ve received within the last past days:

Q1: Will there will be another one-time listen bonus?

Yes, I think so. Last year there were four waves of one-time bonuses.

Q2: How to join the $100 club?

Be patient. Publish on a regular basis + find your circle of writer friends and engage with their stories.

Q3: How can I generate more traffic for my long form stories?

Short form writing is powerful. Use it as a promotion tool.

Q4: What do you do for a living?

I’m a product manager (=I’m a marketing geek) in an international company.

Q5: Will there be one more Boot Camp in 2022?

Yes! In April with limited spots.

Now it’s your turn!

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