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Quick Formatting Tips To Improve Your Online Writing

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Make it yummy.

There are two types of people:

Those who want to improve …and those who don’t.

If you belong to the first group, here are some formatting tips:

  • 🎣With loads of subheads (bold lines) — I call them “speed bumps to give your reader’s eyes something to grab onto.
  • 🎣White space — no text deserts.
  • 🎣Short and sweet nuggets of information — so that your reader gets a nice motivation kick because he actually learned something.

Formatting can do the trick

Be aware that you’re writing for goldfish.🐠

🐠Goldfish is everyone on the internet who’s constantly distracted and is scanning your content.

🐠Goldfish love yummy bite-sized content.

With better formatting, you can earn more money

It’s simple. Medium pays you for Member reading time.

The more people actually READ your stories, the more money you can earn.

More writing tips and tricks:

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