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Quora’s New Passive Income Model Could Make You A Millionaire

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According to Quora’s Head of Communications.

Dr. William Gunn is the Head Of Comms at Quora. As comms manager, he promotes with his team the company’s new passive income model.

It’s similar to the Medium Partner Program and called Quora+.

At the moment Quora has the most revenue potential for creators.

It’s 10x the size of Medium.

Based on this insight I lately made a prediction for Sean (alias the ‘Son of Quora’ with 300k followers) Kernan‘s future.

I predicted, that Sean could make one million dollars per year with the new Quora Partner Program.

Here’s the math example.

First, Sean Kernan himself answered my post:

God I hope so😂😂 life is so damn expensive.

screenshot by Kristina God

Then even Quora’s Head of Comms replied and said:

Anything is possible!

screenshot by Kristina God

Hell, yes! Start now and become a millionaire one day in the future.

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