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Real or Fake? Don’t Be Impressed By Any Screenshot You Haven't Falsified Yourself

  • 1 min read

Yes, some fake it till they make it.

How often have you looked at a successful Medium account and marveled at the massive number of followers it enjoys?

In the case of most of the large, well-known Top Writers, this is well deserved.

Most of them have spent years building their following and producing high-quality content.

But from YouTube, we know, that in a few cases, the plaudits often aren’t well deserved.

Some YouTube pros for instance have made their fame around fake subscribers, faked screenshots, and false statements.

You know the saying:

Fake it till you make it!

Growth hacking is a trend on any social media platform.

In my viral hit How To Gain 10K Followers Overnight, I show you in 4 easy steps how you can fake your follower count and create a fake screenshot.


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