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Rejected By a Publication? — Here’s Why That’s Your Next Big Break!

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Get the inside scoop of Better Marketing’s new editors

Many of you might think:

“Medium editors? They’re the gatekeepers, the ones sending those dreaded rejection notes!”


“Getting accepted and published in a Top 10 Medium publication is a long shot that most won’t beat.”

But let’s pivot that perspective.

Imagine editors as your personal trainers, pushing you to craft your best work, urging you to break your own limits.

Most rejections aren’t personal.

It’s not about YOU.

It’s about the piece in its current form, its alignment with the publication’s voice, or sometimes just the sheer volume of competing articles.

Let’s take Better Marketing — one of Medium’s biggest publications — as an example.

Recently fellow writers Sinem Guenel and Zulie Rane became new editors of the Boost-eligible Top 10 publication that’s all about marketing.

And the view from this side? Eye-opening for Sinem and Zulie.

According to Zulie’s newsletter and an article by Sinem…

Here’s the scoop from the inside at Better Marketing:

  1. Volume Overload: At Better Marketing, Sinem and Zulie are swamped! So many submissions vie for a spot, but many miss the mark on the quality and style guides.
  2. Common Pitfalls: Some pieces come across as uninspired, not fully realized. Others might have careless errors or lean heavily into self-promotion.
  3. The Quest for Quality: While the team of Better Marketing is always on the hunt for the next great voice, compromising on quality isn’t an option.

Psst! There’s a secret

When I started writing on Medium, I had no clue how to interact with big publications and get my stories published.

Throughout the years, I learned that editors are your biggest cheerleaders.

Yes, you read that right.

They want you to dazzle, to shine, to captivate readers.

Your missions align — to craft stories that resonate, inspire, and provoke thought.

The majority of editors on Medium are doing this out of sheer passion.

Except for the 100 Boost nominators on Medium who are nominating stories for a Boost (further distribution) on Medium and are getting paid up to $900 per month, most editors are doing their hard work pro bono.

From my personal experience and former “Medium Kickstarter BootCamp” students who turned into editors Medium editors are driven by the love for the craft and the community.

Facing a barrage of rejections?

Here’s some advice:

  • Study, Don’t Skim: Dive deep into the submission guidelines of the publication you’re eyeing.
  • Analyze & Adapt: Scroll through the publication’s articles. Understand their tone, style, and substance.
  • Innovate & Iterate: Each rejection is a stepping stone. Learn, refine, and come back with a story that’s impossible to turn down.

As cliché as it sounds, the journey truly matters.

With every attempt, you’re not just honing your craft but also building resilience, tenacity, and perseverance.

The road to extraordinary writing is paved with ordinary efforts, multiplied with persistence.

Keep writing, keep submitting, and remember, new writer:

every editor is silently rooting for your (Boost-eligible) masterpiece.

Any tips on dealing with rejection or any specific questions? AMA!

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